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DOAN promise: every one of our employees will be customer-centric, and serve as customer service, sincerely treat every customer visit. We will take the customer is God's mind, to show you our sincerity.

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The Main Areas Of Work

DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in highway maintenance equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales of professional firms,have many talents.

Our Elite Team

There are a number of motives, electrical, hydraulic and thermal and asphalt construction technology and other cross-disciplinary R & D personnel.

Our Excellent Business Staff

Our business has many excellent language proficiency in a number of national staff, they will be a hundred percent sincere and warm welcome you to visit.

How we work

Every employee "adhere to the valuable, valuable thing to do, to create valuable Dao technology", and strive to build the road construction and maintenance of high-end equipment, the world's leading companies.

Why choose us

DOAN pooled top domestic R & D personnel, to provide customers with pavement repair series, slot repair series, surface sealing series, traffice safety series, maintenance material series and other equipment maintenance materials;

Our service concept

All along, adhering to the "create value for customers, create value for employees, create value for the company", the customer as the center, technology research and development as the guide, people-oriented development philosophy.

Our field of scientific research and technology and distribution

We not only give great attention to technology development and quality management, but we also concentrate on effective cost control for our products. We do this by ensuring the best use of our labor and materials, and reducing unnecessary work and waste. Our road construction equipment and road maintenance truck are of superior quality, safe, environmentally friendly, and provided at competitive price.

As a result, our chip sealer, asphalt distributor, pavement slotted pouring device, road cutting machine, asphalt mixer and bitumen plant have great popularity among our clients in over 40 countries and regions around the world, such as Russia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Chile, Nigeria, and more.

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Our glorious history of the development

DOAN Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2008, engaged in road construction and maintenance of high-end equipment R & D and production and sales, at home and abroad to undertake road maintenance engineering.All along, adhering to the "create value for customers, create value for employees, create value for the company", adhere to the customer as the center, technology research and development as the guide, people-oriented development philosophy.

Since the establishment of the company, bringing together the domestic top R & D personnel, continuous innovation, R & D and production of the domestic leading to the road builded raise high-end equipment, to provide customers with the crack treatment series, pothole repair series, road surface treatment series, traffic safety facilities such as complete sets of equipment and maintenance materials; for the customers of the road construction and maintenance provide technical support and one-stop service, customers solve all the problems of an order to promote the spirit of service;

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Best Road Router Crack

The road router crack is capable of grooving slots at 1-5cm by width,0-3cm by depth along cracks in concrete or asphalt pavement easily,accurately and quickly.


1, lightweight and flexible, to meet the construction requirements;
2, the choice of high-quality stainless steel materials, durable;
3, simple operation, not easily lead to other quality;
4, the machine heating speed, the use of a wide range;
5, user-friendly design, high security;
6, the design of a unique patent temperature controller;
7, the economy of environmentally friendly products.

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We Use Technology To Conquer All!

In addition to superior quality road construction equipment and road maintenance trucks, we also provide excellent customer service. We provide equipment installation and testing within the warranty period, in addition to maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement. If you are in need of road construction equipment, road maintenance truck and bitumen plant, please contact us. DOAN Road Construction Machinery Company is looking forward to working with you.

We are one of the leading traders and exporters of a wide range of Road Maintenance Machinery. Our machine is capable to repair the bitumen road on site...

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