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Ciencias 98 – 100 Esq Miguel Hernandez, 08908 Hospitalet de Llobregat Spain

Frequently asked questions about Solvasa Hotel Barcelona Hotel

What are the popular attractions for Solvasa Barcelona Hotel?

Nearby points of interest also include JuegaRV Barcelona (1.1 km), Indoorwall Hospital (1.1 km) and Ermita de Bellvitge (1.0 km).

What amenities and services are available at the Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

Amenities include an indoor pool, free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

What food and drink are available at Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

During their stay, guests have the opportunity to use the following catering services: restaurant and lobby.

Is there parking at the Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

Yes, guests have access to parking.

Which restaurants are close to Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

Restaurante Bouquet, Restaurante Casa Varela, and Pizze E Delizie are area attractions.

Does Solvas Barcelona Hotel have the opportunity to play sports?

Yes, during your stay you have access to the gym indoor pool and gym.

Is there a cleaning service at Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

Yes, guests have access to dry cleaning and laundry services.

Does Solvasa Barcelona Hotel offer any business services?

Yes, the hotel offers business services, a business center, meeting rooms and a banquet room.

Are there any historical attractions near Solvas Barcelona Hotel?

Many travelers visit the following historical sites: Church of Santa Maria del Mar (6.2 km), Reial Monestir of Santa Maria de Pedralbes (5.1 km) and Ciutat Vella (5.5 km).

In my opinion the hotel is well located. From the airport, the hotel can be reached by bus 46 during the day, or on the N17 at night. Only 20 minutes drive. Plaça Catalunya or Piazza di Spagna can also be reached by direct L95 bus in about the same 20 minutes. But when you return on this bus from the city center, you have to get about 500 meters from the hotel, opposite IKEA. We decided to drive closer, but the bus went into the tunnel and we were very far from the hotel. I had to look for a stop in the opposite direction. The bus stop is in the industrial area and not all buses stop there. A few blocks from the hotel is Ikea, further afield is a large shopping center, with a supermarket and a bunch of cafes. The hotel itself is going through difficult times. Everything is in decline. The cleaning service is great try, so the room is very clean. I never look under the beds in search of dust, but this time my watch fell under my bed, so I can say that even there it was clean. But the finance department (or whoever does it) works poorly. Our curtain was torn and there was no handle at the window's opening part. This is certainly not critical, but such trifles can easily be fixed, apparently no one cares. Breakfast would not be bad if the dishes were hot. Even at 7 o'clock in the morning, ie immediately after breakfast, dishes were hot. The lack of staff also affects, I only saw a few people. They obviously do not have time to do everything at the same time: report on food, receive guests and clean up from tables. Therefore, more than half of the tables are filled with dirty dishes. The bathroom is clean, plumbing is in good condition, but everything is very complicated. The sink is almost in the room (behind the partition), in a separate room there is a toilet bowl and a bidet, but the shower is in the corner between them. All this (except the shower) behind the glass partitions. Of course, nothing shines through them, but if you turn on the light in the toilet at night, the entire room is illuminated. The hotel has a pool, but we totally forgot about it, so we didn't visit. However, I would recommend this hotel. The biggest plus beds with good mattresses, as well as free safes, refrigerators (minibars) and a couple of Russian channels

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