2020 Hotel Praktik Rambla Rewiews


Rambla de Catalunya 27, 08007 Barcelona Spain

Frequently asked questions about the hotel Hotel Practic Rambla

What are the popular attractions near Hotel Practicum Rambla?

Nearby points of interest also include Casa Batlló (0.3 km), Bobby's Free (0.4 km) and Casa Amatller (0.3 km).

What facilities and services are available at Hotel Practicum Rambla?

The most popular amenities and services offered include free Wi-Fi, dry cleaning and a rooftop terrace.

Which restaurants are located near Hotel Practicum Rambla?

Nearby restaurants include Juice Dudes, Micu Maku and Vinitus Madrid-Barcelona.

Hotel Hotel Practicum Rambla is close to the city center?

Yes, it is 0.5 miles from central Barcelona.

Are there any historical attractions near the hotel Hotel Practicum Rambla?

Many travelers visit the following historical sites: Church of Santa Maria del Mar (1.5 km), Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes (4.3 km) and Ciutat Vella (1.2 km).

Is Hotel Practic Rambla Hotel available?

Yes, the hotel offers wheelchair ramps. If you have specific requests, we recommend that you call and clarify in advance.

Need more information?

Now I am in a hotel and it is painful. Very dusty and dirty in the room. The room is small, smaller than indicated and in my case with a narrow window overlooking the well. There is no light from him at all, I will not say anything about the species. I like public spaces, but overall a very bad impression. Waiting for the ride.

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