2020 Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona Rewiews


Calle Bergara 8, 08002 Barcelona Spain

Frequently asked questions about the hotel Hotel Pulitser

What popular attractions are around Hotel Pulitser?

Nearby points of interest include La Whiskeria (0.2 km), Bobby's Free (0.5 km) and Lock Clock Escape Room (0.4 km).

What facilities and services are available at Hotel Pulitser?

The most popular amenities and services offered include a rooftop bar, free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

What facilities and services are available in the rooms at Hotel Pulitser?

In-room amenities include a minibar, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

What foods and drinks are available at Hotel Pulitser?

During your stay, guests can use the following catering services: a rooftop bar, a restaurant and a lobby.

Is there parking at the Pulitser Hotel?

Yes, guests have access to parking.

Which restaurants are located near Hotel Pulitser?

Local restaurants include Juice Dudes, OGGI Officina Gelato Gusto Italiano and Rao.

Hotel Hotel Pulitser is close to the city center?

Yes, it is 0.09 miles from central Barcelona.

Does Hotel Pulicer offer cleaning services?

Yes, guests have access to dry cleaning and laundry services.

Are there any historical attractions near Hotel Pulitser?

Many of the travelers who visit the following historical sites: Church of Santa Maria del Mar (1.1 km), Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes (4.6 km) and Ciutat Vella (0.8 km).

Very good. Especially impressed with the hotel lounge. MEGA is cozy and comfortable. They also have excellent tolerance on the roof, in fine weather it is very nice to spend some time there)) The hotel is within walking distance of attractions.

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