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Taulat, 30, 08005 Barcelona Spain

Frequently asked questions about the hotel Hostel Poblenou

What are the most popular attractions near Hostel Poblenou?

Nearby points of interest also include El Poblenou (0.2 km), Rambla del Poblenou (0.02 km) and Bogatell Beach (0.4 km).

What facilities and services are available at Hostel Poblenou?

The most popular amenities and services offered: free Wi-Fi, free breakfast and airport shuttle.

What foods and drinks are available at Poblenou Hostel?

During your stay, guests can use the following food service: free breakfast.

Is parking available at Poblenou Hostel?

Yes, guests have access to private parking nearby.

Which restaurants are located near Hostel Poblenou?

Nearby restaurants include Blu Bar, Internacional Bar Restaurante and Apribocca.

Does Hotel Hostel Poblenou offer airport transfers?

Yes, Hostel Poblenou offers airport transfers. We recommend that you call in advance and clarify all the details.

Is Poblenou Hostel pet friendly?

Yes, as a rule, pets are allowed, but it is always better to call and clarify in advance.

What languages ​​do the staff at Hotel Poblenou speak?

The staff speaks several languages, including English, Spanish, Filipino and Catalan.

Are there any historical sites near Poblenou Hostel?

Many travelers will visit the following historical sites: Church of Santa Maria del Mar (2.5 km), Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes (7.4 km) and Ciutat Vella (3.2 km).

I was very disappointed with my stay at this hotel. It was very expensive for me, and I was surprised to see that the only large windows in the room were street-level, and there was nothing between the room and the sidewalk. While double glazed glass (which didn't close until I found it on the second day) and a slower night for pedestrians and car traffic allowed it not to be unbearably noisy at night, guests had to keep windows and curtains closed for privacy. The outside temperature was perfect, but with the windows closed I had to use an air conditioner, which was noisy every time the fan was banging. It was probably due to lack of fresh air in the bathroom that there was a lot of mold and the room was always damp. It can also be due to leakage from the bathroom upstairs. On my last night, water flowed through the roof. Fortunately, my things were not on the floor, but I had to spend the night with a giant pool and dripping water. I guess this was a problem before, because most of the water passed where the roof was putty. I really wanted to love this place. This is a great place and maybe the rooms upstairs would have been better, but I felt this room was not worth the money.

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