2020 Royal Ramblas Hotel Rewiews


Las Ramblas 117, 08002 Barcelona Spain

Frequently asked questions about Royal Ramblas Hotel

What are the popular attractions near Royal Ramblas Hotel?

Nearby points of interest also include Mercat de la Boqueria (0.3 km), La Whiskeria (0.06 km) and Escape Clock Escape Room (0.3 km).

What facilities and services are available at the Royal Ramblas Hotel?

The most popular amenities and services offered include free Wi-Fi, a lobby and a buffet breakfast.

What facilities and services are available at the Royal Ramblas Hotel?

In-room amenities include a minibar, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV.

What foods and drinks are available at the Royal Ramblas Hotel?

Guests can use the following catering services during their stay: lobby and free tea.

Is there parking at the Royal Ramblas Hotel?

Yes, guests have access to parking.

Which restaurants are close to Royal Ramblas Hotel?

Nearby restaurants include Manna Gelats, Brugarol Barcelona and OGGI Officina Gelato Gusto Italiano.

Hotel Royal Ramblas Hotel is located near the city center?

Yes, it is 0.4 miles from central Barcelona.

Does Royal Ramblas Hotel provide cleaning services?

Yes, guests have access to dry cleaning and laundry services.

What languages ​​do the staff at Royal Ramblas Hotel speak?

The staff speaks several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.

I really liked the hotel. Especially his place. Nearby is everything you want. And the front desk smells so delicious ….. I bought two bottles of this scent. 10 Euro per bottle (100 ml). By the way, can you tell me what kind of aroma it is?

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