Novotel Brugge Centrum Hotel Rewiews



The hotel is centrally located. On this ends his virtues. The number does not match the description and photo on the website! The room size is clearly smaller than stated on the website, not 25 meters safe! Anyone who writes that it is roomy is obviously cunning, the room is small, you can barely squeeze around the bed. The roof is low, with the growth 178 I calmly reach the roof with my hand, and what can I say about my husband with the growth 192! The room itself is old bad, dark. The room has a terrible stench of old carpet, all in stains and stains, even walls! Dust is everywhere! Dirty floor. Allergy professionals are advised not to visit this hotel! Ventilation did not work, small window-hole holes per meter, open 10 cm, there is an opening stop. About the bed I would also like to note that it is difficult to dial a double, its width is 150
15 minutes from the station on foot, to the center a few minutes. Quiet location. Spacious, comfortable rooms. Tea and instant coffee in the room. Responsive staff. There is also parking for cars and bicycles. Opposite the supermarket. Recommended!

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