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The countryside hotel – fresh air, pets, delicious breakfast, very comfortable rooms, Wi-Fi is available – in general everything is top notch. A very nice and friendly hostess, thanks to which there is a complete feeling that you are visiting and not at the hotel. Just the best place in all of Belgium. The most important thing is to come to it, as it is, to put it mildly, not in the center of Bruges :] There are no problems getting from it to Bruges – they will give you a bike :] I recommend it!
It is to be and to be a joy. Nowhere in the middle, but close enough to the center. Our room was spacious, warm and very comfortable. The biggest drawback was the shower, but the water pressure was low, so it was probably inevitable. Buffet, continental breakfast was by far the best we have ever had. Everything was so fresh and mainly from the owner's own products. We highly recommend and make sure to rebook.

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