Bridge Expansion Joint BJ-200

Material Red, Green and blue, suitable for different weather. Material Green fit the middle area of china, Blue fit the north and Red fit the south.

1、Perfect water proof: protect bridge expansion joint from the permeate damage of water based salt.

2、Omnibearing high tenacity: meet the expansion amount at horizontal ±25mm, vertical ±3mm, no need the complicated metal machine.

3、provide a smooth ride for the road: no noise when car passing.

4、Fast operation:traffic can be recovered in short time, one hour in winter, 4-5 hours in summer.

5、Easy maintenance: easy to be repaired if occured destroy.

6、Can be repaired together with the jointed pavement: no need to clean the expansion joint before report. It can be repaired with the surrouding pavement together after slotted.

7、Maintenance-free: no complicated anchoring construction. No problem of mechanical device.

8、 Surface embellish: surface can be embellished with skid resistant to add the security.

9、Half range operation is workable: execution can be operated at one of the road when there is heavy traffic, which reduce the traffic jams a lot.

Crack sealant is adhesion modified asphalt, mixture adhered by BJ200 fit the bridge floor movement at max 2 inch. BJ200 is specially supported by PRISMO, the flexiable of crack sealant balance the horizontal and vertical movement and vibration.The size of stone used into the fixture is single size, after wash and blow, no dust.The fixture is firm and stable, resistance to the impact of vehicle, no crack, no chap or broken.

BJ200 joint material is developed by PRISMO BRITAIN and patented, consists of a macromolecule modified asphalt,character of strong adhesion,big elasticity, good tenacity, exempt the traditional anchoring construction, joint with pavement smoothly, solve all kinds of problem caused by lack of crack sealant domesti.

Bridge expansion joint can be permeated to corrosion by salt,water and chemical substances easily, Even the crack from smallest joint can lead to water seepage, the chain reaction will come if no repair,untill the heavy damages to bridge.

These defects mostly caused from two reason,eigher low quality nor uncorrect operation. Recent studies have confirmed,the main reason caused corrosion of bridge is by uncorrect operation.The classical problem is that the operator do not work follow the procedure made by manufactory during the construction.

PRISMO adopt one modified product----BJ200 crack sealant solve this problem as a whole solution.Besides control the quality strictly, PRISMO also undertake the construction job. This unique and efficient way guarantee the professional and qualified worker finish the work, avoid the hidden danger from invalid material.

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