Crack Router K25

The crack router is capable of grooving slots at 1-5cm by width,0-3cm by depth along cracks in concrete or asphalt pavement easily,accurately and quickly.

Slot machines can easily, accurately and quickly in asphalt and concrete pavement along any seam out of the depth of 0-3 cm pouring groove. 1, three air filtering device, to respond adequately to the dusty road crack the slot, multi-residue harsh environment, to ensure maximum life of the engine 2, flameout emergency braking system, just 7 seconds to stop the engine power effectively protect the safety of unskilled workers.

Model KC-25 KC-25A
Dimensions(mm) 1100*850*1500 1400*850*1500
Weight 225KG 245KG
Engine KOHLER Gasoline
Rated Power 18.4KW 18.4KW
Fuel Capacity 25L 25L
Cutting Depth 0-3CM 0-3CM
Cutting Width 1-5CM 1-5CM
Dust Collection Speed ** 260m³/H
Dust Collection Power ** 3KW

PRISMO adopt one modified product----BJ200 crack sealant solve this problem as a whole solution.Besides control the quality strictly, PRISMO also undertake the construction job. This unique and efficient way guarantee the professional and qualified worker finish the work, avoid the hidden danger from invalid material.

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