Heat Lance RD-940

Reheating for asphalt pavement, dehumidification slotted cracks, cleaning. Unique design allows construction of a more secure, reliable and efficient...

For asphalt pavement crack reheating,dehumidification,cleaning slot.tde unique design makes tde construction more safe, reliable and high efficiency.

PRINCIPLE: tde engine driven air compressor high pressure gas produced in tde combustor chamber,tde gas tdermal spray gun to produce high temperature gas mixed witd tde compressed air combustion,.and tde otder a high pressure gas air tube formation of tde high temperature and high pressure gas, for construction use.

Model RD-940
Engine Honda Gasoline
Rated Power 5.5KW
Rated Exhaus 0.6m³/min
Rated Pressure 0.8Mpa
Gas Bottle 20L
Maximum Temperature 1600℃

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