Thermal Regeneration Comprehensive Vehicle ZC-2000

ZC-2000 is a professional comprehensive repair equipment,combined with underpan, electric heating system,liquefied gas heating system,heat transfer fluid circulation system...Our road maintenance machinery as a domestic leader in the export of various types of maintenance machinery.

ZC-2000 is a professional comprehensive repair equipment,combined with underpan, electric heating system,liquefied gas heating system,heat transfer fluid circulation system, stroing box and emulsify asphalt sprinkling system, perfect heating function of mixed asphalt material( two sets of heating function),emulsify asphalt sprinkling,heating maintenance of asphalt pavements,recycle of used material and many other functions.Can be used to all kinds asphalt road diseases in national highways, airport runway,municipal roads.Without seasonal restrictions during operations. Achieved the demands of road maintenance for fast arrive,fast repair and fast leave with high effiency,low energy,less pollution and easily operation.

Dimensions 6800, 7300*2380*2850 mm
Rated Power 118KG
Fuel Diesel
Weight 9100/ 9373 KG
Hotbox 2000L
Asphalt Heater 2 ㎡
Sectional Heating Two Sections

1、Adopt special underpan of changed DONGFENG second type,commins 180 horse power engine, maximum running speed can arrive to 90 km/h.Meet the need of fast operation,fast leave at expressway.Exhaust gas is up to the national Ⅳ standard。

2、Both of the two sets heating system has the function of heating cold material and keep warm for hot. 380V electrical heating can be used togerther with the heating system of hydraulic gas in bin according to the condition if construction site. The transfer of heating way can be easily achieved at the panel.This equipment can ensure the asphalt roads to be repaired under any condition. Meanwhile,achieve the regeneraion of used material,save the raw material and cost at maximum.Better effect after small and middle maintenance.

3、PLC intelligent controller by touch screen。Centerilized control the temperatures of material charging box,electric heating on the panel. Toghether with the indicator lights and alarm lights to diagnose the malfunction.

4.With integrated emulsify asphalt sprinkling system,fill the oil content of regeneration material,handle spray fun with automatical return function of fexiable tube. Self-clean function for asphalt tubes.

5.Both electric heating and hydraulic gas two kinds of heating way.A utomatical temperature controller for whole heat transfer fluid.Easier to operate,lower cost, well-adopted for surrounding.

6.The hydraulic system supply the power from underpan motor by Power Takeoff, with the hydraulic output link. Support hydraulic power for all kinds of hydraulic tools.
7.Driven by electric hydraulic motor,transfer and mix the material by spiral transfer pole.There is material gate controlled by hydraulic system equiped at the discharge position.Power it off when no discharging to avoid the enviroment pollution and safety problem during the transportation.

8.Box adpot integrated thermal insulation design,good at warm keeping,high efficiency in heating,which can arrive at 140-160 degree for the whole box of normal asphalt mixed material within 4-5 hours.

9.Heat tranfer fluid is used as the heat medium for heat box,heating safely and bigger heating area,avoid to scorch the asphalt. The boxer is designed of sectional heating,can heat inside and outside at same time, save the heating time.

10.With special LED working light,meet the need of night work when there is big traffic flow.Equiped LED safety alarm lights,valid view distance is over 200 meters,easier to warn the traffic

11.Recycle cabin of used material can take the wate and rabbish during the operation by electric hydraulic controller to fall down

12.Automatical lifting construction for 50KG liqufied gas bin is standard confirguration..

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